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Part skills lesson, part confession, part peptalk: this is my brand new radio interview on Your Book is Your Hook radio program, hosted by Jennifer Wilkov.  You'll recognize her as an expert-in-resident here at Pitch U!
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Indie U's Mission

Hello, readers and fellow writers. I’m the Despicable Muse, and I am excited to introduce you to Indie U, a division of Pitch U.

The Chief Alchemist (Evil Genius) and I have worked in this industry long enough to know that writers need current and valuable information to help them pursue writing as a career.

While Pitch U will continue to focus on what you need to know to sell your ideas and books, Indie U will expand upon that topic with career advice. Through it, we support an author's choice to pursue any publishing option. Any? Yep. Self-publishing? Sure! Independent Publishing? Absolutely. Small Press? Why not? Traditional Publishing? If we have to (just kidding).

It's your choice! Our goal is to help you turn your passion for writing into a business (preferably one that will make you money).

At Indie U, you can do the following things:

  • Learn Light Bulb Moments. Have you ever wished you could have an inside look at the publishing industry? Well, we've got it. Our guests, including indie writers and other industry professionals, have been where you are, and they want to share their shortcuts and their brilliant discoveries with you.

  • Find information. We have info on all types of publishing, with a special focus on self-publishing, independent publishing and small press publishing.

  • Ask questions. I have a crazy amount of information regarding publishing and an uncanny knack for digging up information that I (gasp) may not know. Plus, I'm a life-long learner ready to stalk any expert we need to answer your questions.

  • Discover the secrets to selling your work. Every writer needs to know how to pitch a book. Whether you're trying to snag your dream agent or you want to hit number one on Amazon, you've got to know how to present your book in the best light. Indie U and Pitch U will bring you the resources you need to learn how to sell a book.

  • Focus on quality. Sure, you went to kindergarten. You know how the alphabet works, but we're talking bigger. You have to have an amazing plan, like stealing the moon! You must bind the words on the page, your book layout, your cover copy and your cover art with quality to create a masterpiece. 


The Despicable Muse is a freelance writer and editor. She is adamant that Santa and faeries are real, and her characters stalk her. You can visit herwebsite for more information or contact her at