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BECKE MARTIN, author of THE GODDESS OF MICHIGAN AVENUE, an 85,000 word adult paranormal romance*

Dear Ms. Bent,

In fiction, shapeshifters kick ass. In 21st Century Chicago, not so much.
Willa DiAngelo—divorcée, demi-goddess and sometime wolf—plots out theories for her unexplained powers in her popular paranormal novels. When two attempts are made on her life in quick succession, Willa must find the source of her freakish nature to figure out why someone wants her dead.

Dante, her über-protective best friend and the subject of many erotic fantasies, actively discourages Willa from rooting around to find her family tree. The discovery of a grandmother she never knew existed turns Willa’s world upside down, with consequences that force her to choose between the man she loves and the family she’s always longed for. Greco-Roman mythology meets the Brothers Grimm in THE GODDESS OF MICHIGAN AVENUE, approximately 85,000 words, a wolfish paranormal romance.

I moderate Barnes & Noble's Mystery Forum at and I blog at Romance University. I have written over 1,000 published articles as well as six non-fiction books. Several of my stories have finaled in RWA contests and I've had two featured online: a Christmas romance short story and a mystery short-short that NPR called "the literary equivalent of a basket of late night fried mozzarella cheese sticks." Thank you for considering my submission.


Becke Davis
writing as Becke Martin

Lauren Fraser, author of Price of Love , a 85,000 word contemporary romance

Dear Jenny Bent,

In Price of Love, a completed 85,000 words contemporary romance, the worlds of a social worker and an entitled bad boy collide.

Mackenzie O'Connor’s love life is as depressing as the state of the youth center she pours her heart and soul into. Her focus shifts when she falls for a sexy bad-boy with a last name that opens doors everywhere. She fights her own moral compass, deciding between the man of her dreams and her soul-wrenching job as a social worker. She is forced to decide the price of love.
Jake Turner is sick of being in the public eye, sick of gold-digging women—difficult to do if your last name is synonymous with power and wealth. Kenzie is a breath of fresh air with her total disregard of his status. When his influential family finds out about the unsuitable match, the gloves come off as they try to separate the mismatched couple.

I am a PAN member of RWA. I am multi-published with Ellora’s Cave and other reputable e-publishers and currently have seven contemporary romance e-books published.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lauren Fraser

Nicole Helm, author of Love's Take Off, a 76,000 word contemporary romance novel.

Ms. Bent,

Love’s Take Off is a contemporary romance novel, complete at 76,000 words.
Trevor Steele spent his entire life dreaming of a world outside of Pilot’s Point, Iowa. And he achieved that dream by becoming an FBI agent in Seattle. When his mother dies, however, he has to take a leave of absence and return home to somehow take care of his teenage sister in her last months of high school. And if that’s not difficult enough, he’s falling deeper and deeper for his old friend, Callie Baker.

Calloway (Callie) Baker used to be a bad girl, but, in the two years since her grandfather died, Callie has had to clean up her act and help take over her family’s small antique airport with her half-sister. The airport is barely surviving, and Callie can’t afford any distractions. Unfortunately, Trevor is distracting in every possible meaning of the word.

Trevor has always left, and Callie’s always stayed. Though years of attraction reaches a culminating point, both struggle to somehow mix their old lives with their new ones and create an even better future… together.

I have a degree in English with a focus on composition, and I am currently a paid content producer with Associated Content under the name Nicole Beck.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nicole Helm


Dear Ms. Bent,

I am pleased to present The Curse Of The Great Mughal, my Young Adult Romance, which has finalled in three contests sponsored by Romance Writers of America: Ashleigh McCaffery is supposed to be in Paris, having the time of her life with the crème de la crème of Rosedale High. Instead, she’s running for her life in the swarming, sweltering streets of India, with Amar Khan—a brooding, confirmed loser she wouldn’t be caught dead associating with under normal circumstances. But these are far from normal circumstances…

Since stumbling across an old trunk in her attic, not only has Ashleigh unearthed a shocking secret about her family heritage, she’s awoken an ancient curse that’s been dormant for over a century and a half. Now, it’s up to her to stop it before it sparks an apocalyptic war among supernatural forces. The trouble is, she doesn’t have a clue how...

Amar seems to be the only one who can help, but in spite of Ashleigh’s totally infuriating and shamefully intensifying attraction to him, deep down she’s not quite sure she can trust him. But, then, does she really have a choice?

Nearing the projected final word count of 60,000, this project has been extremely rewarding, as I’ve discovered a natural voice for the genre, and have been able to relive some of my own experiences as a young woman from North America immersed in the extraordinary culture of India.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Roberta Lynn

Tina Moss & Yelena Casale, author of BLOOD BOND, a 80,000-word urban fantasy romance.

Dimensional portals, manipulative demons, and bloodthirsty angels won’t stop Cassie Durrett from gaining control of her powers. As a Key, the offspring of a demon and fallen angel, she can open up doorways between worlds and tip the scales in the war between demons and angels. If, that is, she can learn to control her abilities without being driven mad by them. If she can’t, she’ll be forced to share her powers by making a blood bond with a demon or angel.

Demons want to use her. Angels want her dead out of fear. Her only ally seems to be Gabe, a fallen angel turned unlikely guardian. But, trust is hard to come by when all he wants is redemption and a ticket off of Earth.

BLOOD BOND is an 80,000-word urban fantasy romance. It explores the popular angel-demon theme with a fresh perspective. Angels aren’t necessarily good; demons aren’t inherently evil. It is a female centered DEVIL'S ADVOCATE without the lawyers. It will appeal to readers of Jeaniene Frost and Nalini Singh. Recently, the novel has proceeded to the final round of Central Florida RWA’s Touch of Magic contest. Results of the contest will be available mid-June.

Yelena and I are both members of RWA. We participate in the yearly RWA conference, the Liberty States Fiction Writers' Conference, and monthly workshops. We are also actively involved with Pitch University.

Thank you for your time and consideration.