Highly Polarized Characters, Scams, and Great Titles (a.k.a. our Pitch U writers rock)
Friday, October 21, 2011 at 12:18PM
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by PitchU Minion Tina Moss, our fearless Comments Samurai

Each month we will be reading your comments to find the most useful, insightful, heartfelt or inspirational responses to Pitch University articles. The top poster will be featured here along with honorable mentions.

The September Best Comment Award goes to…

Best Comments Award... Claude Nougat for her response to How to Sell Your Genre Book: 8 Advanced Tips For Creating a Powerful Genre Pitch.

The article featured tips on pitching based on your genre style from multi-published author of romantic suspense novels, Colleen Thompson. She’s also written epic fantasy and historical romance. Her list of eight tips gives the perfect rundown of how to pitch and use the guidelines of your genre effectively.

Claude reaffirmed Colleen’s practical advice and put in a spin of her own. Here is her award winning comment:

“Very useful advice, Colleen! I especially like the concept of highly polarized characters thrown together and the idea of dropping them into harrowing situations where their "external defenses are stripped away", as you put it. That is the very essence of the best kind of suspense: the psychological kind. The one that reveals the inner core of characters.”

- September 3, 2011

Additional wonderful comments for the month of September come from our Honorable Mentions:

· From our Founder and Chief Alchemist, Diane Holmes, in response to How to Avoid Scams With Vanity Presses.

“Tara, Really excellent series this week on Indie Publishing, e-book services, and full-services. That language has changed so much over the years, especially the last few years. And it's really confusing out there.  
For one thing, scammers take legitimate technology and concepts, and then use those terms in order to sound... well, legit. I think POD (Print On Demand) is one of those terms. ”

- September 15, 2011

It can be hard to tell the difference between a legitimate publishing enterprise and a scammer. Thanks for making it easier to spot the bad guys!

· From Kathy in response to Part 3: From Good Title to GREAT with Natalie C. Markey (Plus drawing on Writing Moms class!)

“Too cute, I'm not a mommy but I can imagine you have a lot to juggle. I get to juggle ill husband, know it all YOUNGer sister, that I am stuck living with and being the chauffer for all doctors' appointments, dialysis etc for the hubby. IF you can juggle the baby, I'd love to read some of your stories I bet they make great writing inspiration. Loved your titles. I'm sure there are lots of tales form lots of writing mommies to make a best seller for the NY Times list. Good luck and hugs to the baby.”

- September 28, 2011

In salute to all the writer moms out there, I couldn’t agree more with Kathy. If you can give us the secret of how to juggle, I’ll read that book any day of the week.

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