Education and Contracts
Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 12:26PM
Diane in Founder Diane Holmes

Dear Pitch U Writers,

As you know, our goal at Pitch U is education and becoming awesome as a career writer.

As part of that mission to educate, we posted contract reviews that generated a controversy.  Those reviews have now been removed at the guest columnist's request. 

Ever since Pitch U was a twinkle in the Internet's eye, we've strived to bring in experts to give their opinions and thoughts on topics of pitching, creativity,  and career. 

We can all benefit from this. Plus we've offered this for free.  Every single expert donates his or her time and we thank them for this.

publishing imageThe contract columns looked at contracts and publishers from an attorney’s pov, and we have an opportunity to also look at this from the publisher’s perspective.

Liz Pelletier, Publisher of Entangled, has offered to join us at Pitch U for a lively educational interview and to update everyone on Entangled’s approach to working with authors.  She also came up with the truly educational idea of doing a mock contract negotiation as a real-world learning exercise.

Check back in to find out when the interview will happen.

While I hadn’t actually met her until this week, I know of Liz from my interactions over at Savvy Authors, and I can absolutely say you’re going to enjoy anything we do together.

If every Publisher were this willing to educate, discuss, welcome, and embrace us writers, the writing world would be a much better place.


Diane, Chief Pitch U Alchemist

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