Part 2: From Good Title to GREAT with Natalie C. Markey (Plus drawing on Writing Moms class!)
Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 8:58AM
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By Diane Holmes, Chief Alchemist at Pitch U

Today, we’re going to look at two additional techniques for exploring titles that ZING!

Writing Moms: How to do it all without losing your mind In Part 1 of our series on taking a perfectly good title and and giving it zing, Natalie brainstormed NEW(!) and IMPROVED(!) titles for her upcoming class, Writing Moms: How to do it all without losing your mind.

About Writing Moms: For many writers, juggling is reality. In fact, many full-time writers are made because of a child being born. Some amazing mothers write late at night, around their day job.

However you do it, being a writing mom is a challenge but very doable and rewarding.

Learn easy self study tactics, time management tips and suggestions from a ten-year freelance journalist, published author and speaker who also has a one-year-old daughter and a high maintenance dog. You can have it all without losing your mind.

winner-illustration1Go sign up for this class.  It’s only $20.00.  Natalie’s a sweetheart, and you’ll come up with a personalized plan.  Good job.

BONUS: Natalie will award FREE ENROLLMENT to one commenter (in this post or any in this series). Thanks, Natalie!

Archetypes, Myths, and Patterns and story types. (Ex: Warrior Writer Mom)

Let’s start by looking at how other authors have used archetypes to inspire their titles.  Here are some more examples:

Diane’s How-It-Works Example (working with the Mother Archetype): "Writer Moms: Kiss your Writing Time and Make it Better." 

Natalie Tries It Out:

Natalie: The point I'm trying to make with these is that everyone can have circumstances that can weigh them down. It's how you handle and approach the obstacle that brings you out on top and helps you accomplish your dream.

And I love "What if" titles.  I've always found them thought provoking.

Diane: Okay, let's take these titles one step further! Let's brainstorm variations featuring writers for a more direct tie-in.  You'll notice we're taking a left turn here and leaving our original "archetype" category behind.  Left turns can lead to genius, so it's okay.

Natalie:  Great!

Popular Culture for $300. (Ex: If Richard Castle Had to Breastfeed it would be a Different Show)

Again, let’s start with how other authors were inspired to use this technique in their titles.

Diane’s How-It-Works Example: XENA Warrior Princess Writer And Her Baby And her Complicated Life. (Kinda silly, I know!)

Natalie, Trying It Out:

Diane: Same here.  Let’s explore linking more directly to writing references (your audience) and see what happens.

What If You Get Stuck?

Let's look at some variations, because continuing to play and tinker is much better than being stuck. :)

- How to Plot like Dan Brown Davinci Code Style While Balancing those Gerber Items on your Grocery List 

Now, try playing with each element to see if there's anything you like even more.  For example...

- How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse while writing that bestselling novel and making bottles Good Morning America ends- Are you tired yet?

Now, try playing with each element to see if there's anything you like even more.  For example...

- Get a Devil Wears Prada Life Only with Burp Rags- Getting the Big City Writing Career you Want While Working from Your Baby's Nursery   (Love this subtitle, by the way)

Again, just playing with elements:

- Desperate House Writers- How to do it all without hanging out that dirty laundry.


Playing with the subtitles: 

- Writing Mommy Makeovers: Transform your life, desk and nursery into a successful writing mommy enterprise.

(Natalie: I love this one) Diane: **THIS IS EXCELLENT!!!** Natalie: This is my favorite too! :-)


-Author Idol: Find your writing dream while being the mom you want to be

Additional Title from Natalie:

Which Titles Do You Love?  Which Do You Hate?

We’ve come up with some really bad titles, and some really good ones.  Give us your opinion in the comments!

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