Part 3: From Good Title to GREAT with Natalie C. Markey (Plus drawing on Writing Moms class!)
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 10:16AM
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By Diane Holmes, Chief Alchemist at Pitch U

I’m Just No Good At Titles!

Creating a great title can seem like an impossible task.

Writing Moms: How to do it all without losing your mind An okay title is easy. But okay titles don’t zing, and they certainly don’t excite the reader or potential audience (or even you).

This week Natalie and I are exploring ways to take a title that works and turn it into a title that jumps up and kisses the reader.

We’re using her upcoming class, Writing Moms: How to Do It All Without Losing Your Mind!, as our “title that works,” and we’re exploring to see if we can create a zinger.

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Previously in this series:

Today we will look at 4 jumping -ff points for brainstorming:

1. Feature the Problem (My Writing Dream Vs. My Two Year Old)

2. Feature the Solution (Be a Mom and Write a Novel in 3-Minute Chunks)

3. Comedy (How I wrote a bestseller, raised 5 kids, climbed Mt. Everest, and Solved World Peace in one Afternoon during nap time.)

4. “Makes Me Think Of…” ( Do it all makes me think of juggling.  So... Juggle It All: manuscript, baby, flaming bowling ball).

#1 Feature The Problem


Diane’s Riff off Natalie’s Titles:

#2 Feature the Solution


Diane Riffs on Natalie’s Titles:

#3 Comedy


Diane’s Riff on Natalie’s Titles:

#4 “Makes Me Think Of…”


Diane’s Riffs:

So, that’s it for today.  Some of the titles didn’t work.  Actually most aren’t zingers. 

The goal is to explore, see if you can find one that’s even better, and then keep going.  This is an exercise in thinking up titles that aren’t just more of the same, to jiggle something loose and enjoy the whole title-creation process.

Let us know which titles worked for you.  And remember, Natalie will be drawing a winner to attend her class for free!

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