Level the Playing Field, Home Insurance for Writers, and Save the Cat (a.k.a. our Pitch U writers rock)
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 12:19PM
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by PitchU Minion Tina Moss, our fearless Comments Samurai

Each month we will be reading your comments to find the most useful, insightful, heartfelt or inspirational responses to Pitch University articles. The top poster will be featured here along with honorable mentions.

The August Best Comment Award goes to...

Best Comments Award

good-work-medal Pamela for her response:

“Thanks, Diane et al.  I have watched with great interest over the last year as the balance between e-book and print book has shifted faster than most experts predicted. 

A leveling of the playing field is occurring, whether it is temporary or permanent remains to be seen, but talented authors I know who couldn't get their books in print are doing quite well putting their books up for sale digitally, especially those authors with multiple titles to sell. 

Not getting rich, but then most print book authors haven't been buying Caribbean vacation homes either!  Thanks again for the post and good advice.”

- August 23, 2011

Additional wonderful comments for the month of August come from our Honorable Mentions:

good-work-medalFrom Angelica R. Jackson in response to Day Two: Creating a Business Plan for Indie Writing.

“When our insurance was up for renewal a few months ago, I got a call from our agent that writers are no longer covered under the home-based business umbrella. My freelance photography, yes, but not the writing. I would need to get a separate rider for that. Apparently, too many writers getting sued. Haven't done it yet since I don't have a book lined up for publication.”

- August 8, 2011

The need for writers to protect themselves is at the heart of Angelica’s comment. Thanks for pointing out the insurance issue.

good-work-medalFrom Lynne Kelly Hoenig in response to Despicable Tara

“I love Save the Cat by Blake Snyder (website) too! I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of it till recently, but I bought it a few months ago after I heard three people rave about it in one weekend.

Some people like to keep that one-line pitch on their writing desk to keep them focused on what the story is really about.”

- August 5, 2011

Love the idea of keeping the one-line pitch in your writing space so that the story stays focused. Whether this is in the first draft or during revisions, it is a helpful suggestion.



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