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Part skills lesson, part confession, part peptalk: this is my brand new radio interview on Your Book is Your Hook radio program, hosted by Jennifer Wilkov.  You'll recognize her as an expert-in-resident here at Pitch U!
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 Note: Check out the "How It Works" tab for the most current information. -Thx.

Welcome to Pitch University, the only place on the Internet where authors and novelists learn how to pitch their book, face-to-face, to literary agents, editors, and ultimately readers.




Our Concept:  


  1. You need to learn by pitching your own book.
  2. You need to learn from experts (and not other writers who don't sell for a living).
  3. You need to learn in an atmosphere of encouragement (not criticism).
  4. And you need to practice and improve.
  5. Being motivated by the potential to actually "sell" your book to agents and editors doesn't hurt.


Pitch University goes live January 1, 2011

January = 30 Pitch Lessons in 30 Days


  • Each day, learn something new from experts.
  • Ask questions.
  • Unlearn what you think you already know.
  • Get the hang of making a video.
  • Keep track of our growing list of agents and editors scheduled for Pitch U Weeks.


February = Let the Education Begin.  

One or more weeks each month, we'll host an agent or an editor who is actively looking for clients to add to her/his list. This is called** Pitch U Week**.

On alternative weeks, we'ill host an expert, someone who can speak to the complexity of selling, distilling complex ideas into brilliant simplicity, author branding, understanding your personal pitching weaknesses, or dealing with rejection... among other things.  This is called **Expert in Residence**.

Every aspect is interactive.  Ask questions.  Try it out.  Try again.  Get feedback and ideas.  Learn more.  The experts will read comments and be available.

 How do "Pitch U Weeks" work?

Day 1:  Agent or Editor Interview.  

You'll know in advance who is scheduled, what they rep, and what they want included in your pitch.  The Agent or Editor will be answering 10 questions that will truly allow you to get to know them.  Fun, irreverent, insightful, and passionate--these questions aren't your momma's questions.

Day 1 and 2: Submit your video pitches.

You may submit a video pitch just once or for every agent and editor who reps what you're writing.  But you must follow the rules or you'll be banned from submission.  We are all professionals here, and we don't have time to waste eliminating pitches that don't follow rules or aren't appropriate for the Agent or Editor of the week.  

We will cap if submissions reach a certain number.  And we may create a narrow window of time for submissions.  Just pay attention, and you'll get it right.

You can, optionally, be considered for the Pitch Evaluation Day.  Again, see the rules.

Day 3: Dead Day. We'll be working behind the scenes.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Day 4: Pitch Evaluation Day.  The Editor or Agent will review 3 pitch videos and give detailed feedback covering what works, what doesn't and why, and how to change the pitch to work.

Ask questions and discuss.  Comments are closed at the end of the day.

  • Two pitches will be randomly drawn from the list of folks who select this option.
  • One pitch will be assigned at Pitch U discretion.

How is the 3rd pitch selected?  Contests, rewards, or impressing the heck out of us.

Day 5-6: Pitch Review Day.  All submitted pitches (the ones that follow the rules) will be listed (up to an optional cap/max).  

Comments are closed at the end of Day 6.

Day 7:  Before and After. The 3 pitches of Pitch Evaluation Day will submit revised pitches.  The Agent or Editor will discuss the before and after, with more comments for improvement.

Comments are closed at the end of Day 7.


YES, it is possible that the agent or editor will ask you to submit your work to them.  Anything is possible.  You better believe that the Editor or Agent is hoping to find a diamond.  But Pitch University is here not as a matchmaker but as a venue for learning to pitch.

Everyone will get their hopes up.  Publishing is an industry built on hope.  But also skills.  Mad skills.

So, show up hopeful and be ready to learn.



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