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Part skills lesson, part confession, part peptalk: this is my brand new radio interview on Your Book is Your Hook radio program, hosted by Jennifer Wilkov.  You'll recognize her as an expert-in-resident here at Pitch U!
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Consulting and Services

Do you need more?

Pitch U is loaded with free resources to help you learn to be awesome at pitching (and crafting query letters). We have dozens of in-depth articles, PitchFests, forums, and case studies. And we bring in a lot of experts who can speak from deep experience.

But I’m hearing from writers that sometimes they need individual mentoring to find their pitches.

Is this you?

Every day, I’m working on some aspect of PitchCraft, and I honestly love it. So, if you’d like to work with me, I’m happy to roll up my sleeves with you, and get our pitch/query on.

Get ready to rumble.

Pitch & Query Consulting Call

Call Diane; get help on your pitch & query.

  • Need advice based on your book, not someone else’s?
  • Is your project uniquely challenging, and you need to cut through hundreds of plot or book details to find the right pitch or query?
  • Do you have an opportunity to pitch, and you don’t want to blow it?

I’ve been there too. Sometimes you just want to talk to somebody who gets the problem and has some solutions.

One-hour consultancy call – Direct, Friendly Advice

I provide your business with the advice and answers you need via telephone, Skype, or Webex.

  • “My Pitch or Query Sucks”; Let’s Fix It– We’ll talk about what you have, analyze what you’re actually communicating, and double-check it against the reality of your book. We’ll discuss your book’s structure and how the story unfolds. We’ll hunt down hooks and check for high-concepts that can often be hidden under layers of story details. Plus, I’ll look at a finished draft, if you’d like to send it to me.
  • “I can’t even start!” – No problem. I’ll step you through the entire process. We’ll get there. And again, I’ll be happy to review a finished draft, if you want to send it to me.
  • ??? – Whatever you need, ask your burning questions in an informal, friendly chat – you are in the driving seat! Want to practice pitching? Need to talk over various approaches? Not sure which genre/sub-genre should be featured in your “mash up”? Let’s figure it out.

After the call you’ll know where you need to make improvements and will have the answers you need to finalize your pitch and query. I’ll verbally give you many examples of how you might word each aspect (be ready to take notes, or we can use the recording feature on WebEx).

One of the best things I can offer you is that I’ll share your story vision as we craft the pitch and query together. I’m on your side.

Here’s how it works:

Okay, details. Calls are arranged taking into account time zones (I am in Central Daylight Savings time, Houston, TX, USA) and business hours using an automated time scheduling service which allows you to select the most convenient time slot for you from those available.

Get Started Now - Pay just $127 for the 1-on-1, hour-long call. Package and longer term contracts are also available. (If you want something more like the Case Studies I write, where I also read your manuscript pages, email me to discuss details.)

Yes, of course there is a money back guarantee. :)

Please read over this site and get to know me. I started this site out of love for the writing profession and my fellow writers. If you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied.

(And again, there are so many free resources here. All for you. No charge.)

Next step? …  

On receipt of the automatic PayPal notification I’ll be in touch via email to arrange the call.

I look forward to speaking with you!

PS. Most calls are scheduled to take place within 48 hours of payment receipt or further out, if that works better for you.